My Package Is Incomplete

If you have ordered multiple items and some of these items are not in stock, the order will be split shipped. Items in stock will be sent first, and when the other items are in stock, they will be sent in another package. Thank you.

How Do I Add Or Remove Items From My Order?

Please contact us and if the order is in an early stage of processing, we can modify it. Please kindly be informed that we will NOT be able to change items after the order ships. Thank you.

Where Can I View My Order Number And Check Order Status?

1. Sign in your account and move your mouse to your account name. Click ”Orders .”

2. Click “My Orders ” to see all orders you have previously placed. You can then view the full details of a specific order by clicking “Order Details.” Thank you.

Why Was My Order Cancelled?

Most Common Reasons For Cancelled Orders:
– Your PayPal account name and address did not match your order’s shipping address, and there was no response when we contacted you.
– The products you ordered were out of stock. If we cannot contact you in 5 days after we receive your payment, we will cancel the order and fully refund you.
-You placed a flash deal order but did not complete payment within the time limit.
-You placed an order for clearance products but did not complete payment within the 1-2 day time limit.
-You placed an order but did not complete payment within 20 days. (flash deal products and clearance products not included).

What Should I Do If I Want To Change The Shipping Address?

Please contact us, if the order has not shipped, we will update the address. We cannot change the delivery address after the order ships.

How Can I Cancel An Order?

Please Email us if you want to cancel your order.

E-mail: sales@Taliaexpress.com

Please remember your order can not be cancelled after you item is shipped.